None Religious Naming Ceremonies On The Rise

Naming ceremonies are relatively new and increasingly popular. They are organised by the many parents who know that they want to mark their child’s arrival but who want to do so in a way that isn’t religious.

“We know we want to do something to celebrate our baby’s arrival, but we’re not religious so a christening wouldn’t feel right.”

Humanists UK can help and advise with

Naming ceremonies:

Can be held wherever you want: at home, in the park, the garden, a village hall, the zoo…
Focus on the individual child, their personality and the friends and family that surround them
Can be held whenever you’re ready. There’s no rush: many are combined first birthday celebrations, for example, and can also conduct many joint namings for siblings.
A typical naming ceremony might include readings or poems, parental promises to their child, the appointment of ‘guideparents’ and perhaps a symbolic action such as planting a tree, signing a certificate or writing in a wish book.

There’s no set script for a humanist naming ceremony – it’s too personal an occasion for that. Instead, every naming is tailored to meet the particular family’s requirements. For more information click on the link.

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